About Company

Guaranteed China Express (GCE) provides the same international courier and express transportation services as Fedex, UPS or DHL does, but with the guarantee of less transit time and more money-saving. It is the only company in the industry co-operated by the people from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan who can take maximum advantage of business opportunities and relationships between these places and USA. Our brand new operation and customs systems, our expertise in these regions, our experienced management and operation teams, and our vast and the flexible network all are dedicated to provide you with the best and fastest services.

GCE, based in Los Angeles as headquarter facilities, has 6 branches in Greater Los Angeles area and over 50 collection centers, including ones in San Diego, Las Vegas. Recently, GCE has expanded its branch offices in San Francisco and Shanghai, China and is undertaking the establishing of more branches or agencies, including New York, Beijing, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Taiwan. At the same time, GCE is planning to open some new Branches or agencies in USA. Houston, Chicago and Atlanta may have GCE offices in the near future.

GCE operates four express courier lines between USA and China, Hong Kong and Taiwan - USA to China, USA to Hong Kong, USA to Taiwan and China to USA. With specialty in these lines, GCE serves with lowest prices and the best services on the express courier shipments between these regions.


  • Lowest Price Guarantee in USA and China.
  • Exclusive Express Services, either the fastest or the most economical.
  • Fastest EDI China pre-customs clearance with express channel and 24 hour operation.
  • Special Services including any commodities that need permit, quota or special import license.
  • Door-to-door express air cargo service of large weight or volume.
  • Shipment tracking online from pickup to delivery and POD (Proof of Delivery) service.