President of GCE

Shuhong ( Adam ) Deng

President of Guaranteed China Express, Inc.
President of ETAR Lines, Inc.

Shuhong (Adam) Deng, entered Tsinghua University (No.1 University in China) as No.1 in Chongqing students that year. He graduated and got his BS degree from Tsinghua in 1983. After that he gained his Masters degree in double major —- Engineering and Business, and began his Ph.D research. In 1990, he came to the United States and got a master's degree in Engineering.

In 1994, Mr. Deng opened the first multinational owned by mainland China - ETAR Lines, Inc. Now he is the president of ETAR which mainly concerning international commercial transportation by sea, land, and sky; commercial import and export; and international settlement. In 1999 Mr. Deng opened the first Chinese speed post company in the west coast - Guaranteed China Express, Inc. (GCEx). GCEx mostly provide speed delivery between U.S. and China, U.S. and Taiwan. ETAR and GCEx have liaison offices and more than fifty agencies in China, their business is all over China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Although Mr. Deng is quite successful right now, he still remembers his motherland and have done his best to pay back for the society and his motherland. Mr. Deng is one of the founders of Chinese association in the U.S., he is now the president of U.S. China developing association, vice president of Deng Xiaoping foundation. These important Chinese societies in the U.S. are all established under the important influence of Mr. Deng. As an important Chinese leader in the U.S. Mr. Deng was written in the Who's Who bibliography of Chinese people in California. Mr. Deng played important roles in various activities among U.S. Chinese people, he is doing his best to strengthen the Sino-America relationship, and develop the Sino-America business cooperation.