General Instruction

SHIPPING SUPPLIES Call 1-877-387-9799 or 626-307-8119 (USA) to get GCE's shipping supplies (GCE's Air Waybill, or AWB, and Packaging Material). If you have account number with GCE, you may order supplies and ship on line.
PACKAGING Pack your shipments properly (suitable for single package international transportation). The weight of each piece can not excess 30 kgs (66lbs) and All-Around Dimensions can not excess 102 inches (260cm). Over-Size or Over-Weight shipments must be authorized by GCE.
AIR WAYBILL Fill out GCE's AWB completely and correctly. Important columns include Sender's and Recipient's Telephone Numbers, Shipment Weight, Shipment Description, Declared Value and Sender's Signature, etc.
CUSTOMS Please refer to important instructions of "Customs Declaration" for legal and smooth passage or clearance through foreign customs.
VOLUME WEIGHT Please compare Actual and Volume Weight, whichever larger will be applied for freight charges. Volume Weight (Lbs) = Length (inches) x Width (inches) x Height (inches) / 166.
SPECIAL SHIPMENTS Please pay attention to special items: special packaging (wooden, soft, glass, etc.), over-sized , easy-breaking, hazardous or dangerous goods, perishable items, live animals or plants, fresh vegetables or fruits. Powder or liquid shipments may have problems with security system of airport authority. ABSOLUTELY NO CASH is allowed to ship.