Custom Declaration

1. Identify Document or Package shipment – Only paper, photograph, films and CD, VCD or DVD and thin products of the kind can be declared as document; Any materials, including Audio/Video Products with thickness, fabric pieces, paper board or strip or tread materials, must be declared as package.

2. For any commercial shipments, including samples and merchandises, the Commercial Invoice and Packing List must be attached to AWB and go with shipment.

3. For China Customs, the shipment with value under USD40 will be exempted from customs duty; any shipments with value over USD40, a formal entry must be filed for customs clearance with duty and all clearance charges. GCE express courier service charge only covers the shipments under USD40.

4. All items on AWB for customs purpose must be filled out completely and correctly. These items include detailed shipment description, piece count and value of each item.

5. Any delay, duty imposition, expropriation or penalty caused by incomplete or incorrect provision of the shipment information on AWB will be at sender's responsibility.