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Guaranteed China Express (GCE-OR) provides the same international courier and express transportation services as Fedex, UPS or DHL does, but with the guarantee of less transit time and more money-saving. It is the only company in the industry co-operated by the people from China, Hong Kong and Taiwan who can take maximum advantage of business opportunities and relationships between these places and USA. Our brand new operation and customs systems, our expertise in these regions, our experienced management and operation teams, and our vast and the flexible network all are dedicated to provide you with the best and fastest services.

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GCE Bulletin

GCE ANNOUNCEMENT: GCE requires the customer clearly and precisely declare the nature/description and quantity of the items in the package shipped with GCE. Any penalties from China customs (including refusal, cargo return or confiscation) caused by false declaration will be bored by the GCE customer.

PORGIBITED ITEMS: Notice Update from Chinese Security Authority: The Hair Growth Products, Nail Polishing Products, Perfume, Mosquito Repellent, Sun Block Spray or any Aerosol Spray Cans, etc. are regulated in Hazardous Material Category and are prohibited to be loaded on any China domestic aircrafts, trucks, trains or any other transportation vehicles. Any violation will be subject to package confiscation, penalties, fines and/or other consequences. (July 20, 2011)

NEW CHINESE DUTY/TAX RULES: Bulletin No.43 from Chinese Customs has been effective on August 24, 2010 (delivery date). It specifies the regulations and duty/tax implementing. For more information, please check Duty/Tax Imposition Standard Reference (8/24日2010年更新)

OREGON BRANCH: GCE Oregon Office opened on 07-10-2010 Please check contact Information at “receives a/branch” for inquiry.

GCE OFFICIAL WEBSITE: The official website and are merged and providing the same inquiry and order processing service as of today.
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1. Call toll free number 1-877-387-9799.
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4. Send E-mail to for inquiry or comments.
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